Abandoned Dog Ate Rocks To Survive Chained To A Tree – Wait ‘Till You See Her Response To Rescue

Zoey is a large dog that was rescued from a hoarding scenario by The Humane Society of the United States. The conditions Zoey and over 90 other dogs and cats lived in were horrendous. Their basic needs were not being met and all were malnourished and some very ill. All of the animals needed immediate veterinary care. Zoey was tied to a tree outside with a chain that grew into her neck, leaving a large scar after it was removed. Because there was no food around, she would eat rocks and most of her teeth are broken or missing. Fortunately for Zoey, one of HSUS’s own rescuers walked her right off the truck and into her home and heart – a place she will live forever.

Zoey was lucky to be rescued from this home and adopted right into a new loving and fulfilling life. She enjoys hikes and gets to walk all over and spend time like a regular dog would – something she was unable to do for many years.

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