Abandoned Dog Howls While Waiting For Owner Who Will Never Return – Finally, The Wait Pays Off

Perhaps more than any other animal, dogs are known for their loyalty. Among the many reasons these animals are considered man’s best friend, they are more than dedicated to their owners. Although this can be a beautiful thing in the context of a loving friendship, it can also be a way that animals can cruelly take advantage of dogs. As a result of this loophole in dog psychology, people sometimes try to leave their pets behind or abandon them knowing that they won’t try to follow.

One such story came out of Memphis, Tennessee.

As a result of what was described above, one dog owner tried this same cruel trick by dropping his dog off in a Sam’s Club parking lot. As a result, the sweet little pup stayed put in the parking lot, hoping that her owner would come back. The entire time, she howled and cried sadly and being left behind.

It wasn’t long before Mary Murphy, a local employee at the Arrow Dog Rescue, came across her.

Moved by how upset the dog was, Murphy decided to camp out with the dog herself to make earn her trust.

Murphy ended up setting up camp in the parking lot for three days and even sent a video of the dog crying to her friend, Kimberley Slown, in the hopes of getting it more attention. Slown was an employee at Arrow Dog Rescue and put a post up about the experience:

This girl was dumped 9 days ago at Sam’s Club. Mary Murphy sat for 3 ½ days with her to gain her trust and now Crooner is safe, but needs a temp foster for about 7 days in the Memphis area. She is very scared, and skittish, and needs to be somewhere quiet with someone with a little experience with this type of dog . . . Can anyone help our sweet girl?

After carefully (and safely) trapping the dog between two cars, Murphy and Slown rescued her.

As a result of Murphy’s time with the dog—literally days on end—she was able to gradually earn some trust. The two women renamed the dog Samantha, or Sam for short, and got her safely placed in a foster home shortly thereafter. As this story shows, all creatures are capable of great good and great harm. Although Sam’s original owner was cruel to abandon her, Sam was brave in her loyalty—and Murphy and Slown were kind enough to make sure she was safe.

We wish you all the best, Sam!


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