This Abandoned Dog Was So Terrified Of Humans. That’s Why I Still Can’t Believe The End…Wow.

Some people really have a way with animals. It starts with patience. This video shows an amazing story of a man and a frightened little dog.

The video starts with a small scruffy skinny dog huddled against a doorway. It is pressed against the doorway as if it’s trying to hide or to be invisible. Life is just a frightening place. The dog appears to be abandoned; it is trembling and dejected. The homeowner called Hope for Paws to get help for this dog.

Along comes her saviour, Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws. First he talks quietly, calmly and kindly to the dog while keeping his distance. The dog shows she is unsettled by growling and trembling even harder if that is possible. Then Eldad Hagar reaches toward the dog with a dog catcher’s pole; he stays back and continues to talk quietly. The frightened dog barks, growls and bares its teeth like a cornered wild animal. It barks and snaps at the loop on the end of the pole.

After chewing on the loop for a bit, the dog seems to relax a tiny amount and the loop is carefully slipped over its head. The dog is permitted to stay in its chosen spot and its given time to adjust. It relaxes a tiny bit more when nothing bad happens to it after being snared.

At this point Eldad Hagar uses a soft thick towel wrapped into a cylinder to reach out to the dog. The dog reacts by snapping at the towel and by growling and barking some more. The dog leans against the door and growls softly while the towel touches her gently all over his body. Her growls gradually stop and she stands still while the towel rubs her with a little more pressure. She looks like it feels good, but she doesn’t quite relax.

Finally Eldad Hagar starts to softly rub his thumb against the dog’s head while still rubbing her with the towel at the same time. The dog gives him one last snap but luckily misses his fingers. Eldad reacts with kindness and calm once again and uses the towel to protect his hand. He pats the dog for a bit. A brief 20 minutes after arriving Eldad switches the pole and loop around the dog’s neck for a soft leash. The dog is a little unsure when that is happening but accepts it.

The dog is given time to adjust to the leash then Eldad pulls her onto his lap. He sits and pats her until she just leans in and glorifies in the comfort and safety. Three weeks later Holly, the dog, is ready to be adopted. Words can’t describe this video; it needs to be watched.

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