Abandoned Dog Wanders Up To A Gas Station — And They Give Him A Job

Sabrina Plannerer and her partner purchased an under-construction Shell gas station in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, a couple of years ago. They noticed a dog wandering around the area and found out he was abandoned there by his owner. Rather than chase the dog away or call the pound, they decided to take him in.

They took the friendly dog to the vet to receive all of the care he needed. They bought him a doghouse, some food, and a leash to take him on walks. And when the gas station finally opened, Negão got a job!

Don’t believe it? He has to badge to prove it! 🙂

The couple wondered how the dog would handle the crowds and noise, but he fit right in! Negão’s customer service skills are off the charts, and he’s always flashing that smile. 🙂

The dog waits around and greets people as they arrive, but Negão’s life isn’t all work. The 24/7 gas station always has employees on hand to make sure he has everything he needs, and they take turns each day walking him through town.

Sabrina Plannerer hopes Negão’s story influences other companies to bring in a dog in need and provide a second chance at life for a pooch with nowhere else to go.

Who wouldn’t love to be greeted by a face like this while running some errands? 🙂

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