Abandoned, Hairless & Hopeless Dog Finds The Perfect Family To Rescue Him

Perhaps Phil sensed kindness radiating from the car as it drove toward him on a rural Pennsylvania road last Memorial Day. Maybe he caught a whiff of Danielle Finley’s Boston Terriers, or the kibble she packed for them.

Whatever lured the pitiful pup onto the road that day, it likely saved his life, because Finley and her boyfriend pulled the car over to investigate.


The hairless creature sprinting toward them looked more like a sickly racoon or a bald possum than a dog. Phil looked up at the couple eagerly so they offered him some food and water and the hungry pooch quickly scarfed it down.


Realizing that he was lost or abandoned, Finley and her boyfriend scooped up the senior pup and brought him home. At first they assumed Phil’s hairloss and thickened skin were caused by mange, but a veterinary visit showed it was allergies and a skin infection compounded by being left out in the elements.

“So he just lost all of his hair, and he was itchy and stinky, but no mange,” Finley told The Dodo.


The vet also confirmed what the couple were already thinking – poor Phil was likely abandoned on that dirt road by a previous owner.

“One of the things she noticed is that the bottom of his teeth are ground down, so her theory is that it’s probably from being kept in a crate all of the time,” Finley said. “She has a feeling that whoever owned him … kept him in a crate for a little while, and eventually dumped him, because his health issues got out of control.”


As heartbreaking as his past must have been, Phil’s future is looking bright! He’s found the perfect family, and with treatment, his coat is filling in more and more every day.


Finley has three other rescue dogs who welcomed Phil with open paws – especially Lily, a fellow senior pooch with one eye.


Phil may be old, sickly, and a little funny looking, but when Finley looks at him, all she sees is love.

“He just wants to lay with you and be with you, and he wants to relax with you all of the time,” Finley said. “On top of that, there’s his little face — he’s got this look in his eye like he’s grateful all of the time. It’s like he can’t believe that he’s got a comfy place to lie every day.”


“He’s the sweetest dog,” Finley said. “And we feel so lucky to have him.”

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