Abandoned Pit Bull Living On The Street Wants To Jump Right Inside A Stranger’s Car

The pit bull remains one of the most demonized and misunderstood breed of dog. Thankfully, the people at Hope For Paws have their own opinion about pit bulls and the saved the life of one brown and white dog that had been abandoned in downtown LA. The filthy and hungry pit bull was immediately friendly to Edgar and his partner, Lisa, when they approached him in an alley.

Brutus seemed to realize that they were there to help rescue him from his lonely life on the streets. Hope For Paws has posted countless videos showing how hard it is to approach stray dogs. Eldad wrote that this was probably the easiest rescue that Hope For Paws has ever gone on! Once he was in the car, Brutus had nothing but love for his rescuers.

Take a look at this video

Eldad said he has a feeling that Brutus will be able to find a home soon. Let’s hope so too. Share away people so he can quickly find his forever loving home!

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