Abandoned Pit Bull Waits for Rescue in a Busy Subway Station

In a heart-wrenching incident, an abandoned Pit Bull named Betsey was found tied to a railing in a busy New York subway station during peak hours. The dog’s owner had callously placed a garbage bag next to her as a makeshift “bed”. Even though hundreds of commuters passed by the terrified dog, none felt compelled to help Betsey.

Eventually, a compassionate woman named Sarah Borok came forward to assist the distressed animal. Despite the risk of being late for work, she stayed by Betsey’s side and contacted animal control. Thanks to Sarah’s calming presence, the animal control officers were able to safely transport Betsey to a shelter.

A subsequent veterinary examination revealed the harsh truth about Betsey – she was a victim of breeding exploitation, often referred to as a “throwaway mama dog.” Unscrupulous breeders often use female dogs for repeated breeding and then abandon them when they are no longer useful. It is suspected that Betsey had given birth to multiple litters over her lifetime and her most recent offspring may have been sold.

Betsey was ultimately taken in by the rescue group “Mr. Bones & Co. and Runway Rescue.” It soon became apparent that the trauma of her past had left Betsey with anxiety, particularly in the noisy and bustling city environment. The rescuers decided to place her in a foster home with a knowledgeable mother-son duo located in a quieter area outside the city.

In the safety of her new foster home, Betsey began to relax and learn the ways of being a pet dog. Though a sweet girl, she still gets easily nervous due to her traumatic past experiences. Once she has fully recuperated and adjusted, she will be ready for adoption. Best of luck, Betsey!

You can learn more about Betsey’s heartbreaking journey, from being used for breeding to being abandoned in a subway station, by watching the video below.

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