Abandoned Pit Bull’s Rescue Story Tugs the Heartstrings

Be prepared to dry your eyes as you watch the story of this abandoned pit bull that was found living alone in an industrial area. The only way this lonely Pit bull was surviving was by the food brought to her by kind strangers, concerned for her well-being.


Luckily for this Pit Bull, a kind rescue team from Hope for Paws is offering her a new life and work to remove her from her precarious environment.

As you’ll see in the video on the next page, in the beginning she is quite cautious of the rescue team. She hangs back a lot. Most dogs in situations like this can be very reticent about contact with humans, no matter how desperately hungry they may be.

After a while though and with a lot of coaxing after she realizes they mean her no harm, her stunning personality astonishes the team. This scene really shows the capacity these wonderful animals have for love, hope and trust in a caring human.

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