Abandoned pup distrusting humans transforms to love pup after 24 hours from being rescued

In an amazing transformation of an abandoned pup showing overt distrust issues with humans, within 24 hours of having been rescued, underwent a complete transformation gives credit to the volunteers and staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis for their kindness.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the stray puppy was discovered on the front porch of a family’s home. Where she came from or what she had been through is unknown, however the dog was completely distrustful of all humans, and at the time when rescuers arrived, the dog had no intentions of quietly submitting to the kindness offered.

we received a call that a small dog showed up on someone’s porch. they thought she might be injured because she wouldn’t get up.

The dog, dubbed Babbitt became very defensive, and each time her rescuers tried to tempt her with Vienna sausages, she would bark louder as if to scare everyone who could possibly hurt her away. Slowly, Babbitt started to calm down, and it was then her rescuers were able to loop a leash loosely around her neck and eventually make their way back to the rescue jeep.

Check out her video here:


The two-year-old bulldog mix was soon brought back to the rescue, and after relaxing and chilling out for a time, she began to soften her attitude. When one of the volunteers sat on the floor, opened the door to her crate and just waited, Babbitt slowly crawled out; she was beginning to trust and with a bit of baby talk, she knew she was safe.

Not long after, Babbitt climbed into the lap of the volunteer’s lap and fell asleep. All she wanted was kindness; how her previous life must have been stressful and tough for this little pup.

all she wanted was kindness, and to be deprived of that until now breaks our heart. This tiny little dog was so fearful of being hurt by us when we first met her, and to her her craving comfort just a few hours later is just heartbreaking. Dogs don’t ask for much and in return they give you so much love and loyalty.

Babbitt was later bathed and walked as she gently learned to walk on a leash, and then she went to her foster home. The home where she is at, has a dog who almost looks identical to Babbitt, and the two have become instant pals and are already sleeping and cuddling together.

Let’s just wait and see if the foster home becomes a “foster failure” for Babbitt and winds up having a permanent home right there.

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