Abandoned Puppy Shivering In The Cold Cries Out In Fear As Rescuer Approaches

Donna of Stray Rescue of St. Louis was out and about when she heard the saddest, most desperate cry. It was a wounded puppy lying in the snow, shivering and screaming in fear. It broke her heart.

The rescuer slowly approached, and the dog smelled of infection from a wound on his side. She put a leash around the pup’s neck and took a minute to talk to him. The dog started to trust her right then and there and even acted as if to say “thanks” for helping him out.

Weezer will never spend another minute alone in the cold. The dog was taken to the trauma center where he was treated. It turned out the infection was caused by an embedded harness. The seven-month-old pup has come a long way, and an amazing life awaits this sweet boy. 🙂

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