Abandoned puppy spotted off Arizona highway with zip tie around neck rescued by truck driver

In Arizona City, an abandoned puppy waited near an interstate exit ramp for his owner to return. Miraculously, it had been a truck driver who spotted the little guy and rescued him.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the puppy was discovered in Benson, Arizona on October 20. The truck driver who stopped to help the puppy “removed the zip tie” which had been “secured tightly around her throat.” He then gave the puppy water and called for help.

Trooper Iliana Magallanes responded to the scene and found the puppy with a swollen neck and bloodshot eyes, but still friendly and happy despite her ordeal. Trooper Magallanes secured a spot for the puppy with Benson Animal Shelter, and made sure to keep her comfortable with a blanket and plenty of attention before transporting her there.

After a veterinarian checkup and treatment the puppy has been reported to be doing very well and has been placed in a foster home waiting to be adopted.

Great work by everyone who came together to help this pup! Many thanks to the truck driver who stopped to save her, and to Benson Animal Shelter, Paws and Claws for ensuring she gets healthy and finds a good home.

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