Abandoned Puppy, Starving and Scared, Found Stuck to a Discarded Chair on the Roadside

“To the person who dumped this chair, your puppy was waiting for you to come back, slowly starving to death because it was too afraid to leave the chair to find food.”

In a shocking incident in Brookhaven, Mississippi, a woman discovered a horrifying scene during her casual stroll. She noticed a recliner and television that had been thoughtlessly dumped by the roadside from a truck. What broke her heart, though, was the sight of a petrified and starving puppy nestled within the recliner.

Immediately, she rushed to the aid of the frightened puppy and dialed Animal Control. The Brookhaven Animal Control Officer, Sharon Norton, arrived promptly at the scene. She took photos of the pitiful puppy and shared them on Facebook, expressing her disgust at the incident.

“To the person who discarded this chair, your puppy was slowly starving to death because it was too terrified to leave the chair in search of food,” she captioned the picture. “You should be utterly ashamed of what you’ve done to this puppy… but rest assured, karma will catch up with you someday.”

The puppy was promptly taken to a shelter where he was given the necessary care he needed: food, grooming, and a thorough check-up. Fortunately, the poor soul has been given a second chance at life and will soon be ready for adoption.

If you have any information regarding the person who heartlessly abandoned this dog on Gaston Trail in Brookhaven, Mississippi, please get in touch with Brookhaven Animal Control or your local police department.

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