Abandoned Puppy Wags Tail at Passersby in Hopes of Rescue

She wagged her tail at every stranger who passed by, hoping someone would stop and take notice…

This is the touching story of a small puppy braving the elements in Sri Lanka. She found a haven of sorts in a local market, her survival instinct kicking in every time she saw a passerby. She’d wag her tail enthusiastically, a silent plea for help and companionship.

Her desperate actions were noticed by Lek Chailert and her team, a group of rescuers based in Thailand. Though their main focus is elephant rescue, they happened to be in Sri Lanka to aid an elephant in distress. That’s when they stumbled upon the little pup.

They wrote on YouTube about their chance encounter: while in Sri Lanka for an elephant rescue mission, they noticed a small puppy at the market. The pup took an instant liking to the group, following them around persistently – a gesture that won their hearts.

The team attempted to find a local willing to adopt the pup. However, once they discovered she was female, their interest waned. Unfazed, the rescuers entrusted the little one to their driver, Thushara, and set out to buy a new blanket for her.

The team even bathed the little pup and ensured she slept in a warm bed in their hotel. Unfortunately, their time in Sri Lanka ended before they could secure a permanent home for her. But the story has a happy ending: the puppy, now named Lek Lek, is living a comfortable life with Thushara and his family. She’s grown and changed so much, she’s practically unrecognizable!

Remarkably, even after three years, Lek Lek still remembers her rescuers. Watch the video below to witness her heartwarming reunion with the rescuers. Let us know your thoughts on this incredible rescue story.

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