Abandoned Puppy with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Finds Loving Home Despite Challenges

A small puppy with cerebellar hypoplasia, a brain condition that affects coordination, was found abandoned and wrapped in a wet blanket near a park. Fortunately, he was taken to the Sacramento SPCA, where rescuers refused to give up on him despite his challenges.

With physical therapy and plenty of love, Petey the puppy slowly started to improve. He eventually learned to eat by himself and play like a normal pup. It wasn’t long before he found a loving family who embraced him just as he was.

Petey’s new parents are thrilled to have him in their lives and provide him with everything he needs to live a happy and fulfilling life. They can’t believe someone would abandon such a sweet pup, but they’re grateful to have found their treasure in Petey.

Watch Petey’s inspiring journey in the video below!

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