Abused Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life

It is always sad to hear about abandoned animals. Many of them come from situations of abuse and neglect, and it definitely shows in their demeanor.

Many of these rescues look so hopeless and depressed when they’re first brought into shelters or animal rescues. However, usually with some time and a lot of love, they perk up to show their true, happy selves.

A Staffordshire Terrier named Bean was no different. He had been abused and abandoned by the time that Sidewalk Specials found him living on his own.

Sidewalk Specials stated in the video below, “Bean was picked up on the streets of Bishop Lavis, Cape Town. Covered in deep bite wounds, with mange, ear infections and a broken leg that had been left untreated for over a year, Bean seemed resigned to his fate.”

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