Abused Dog Is Rescued And Given A New Forever Home Filled With Love

It seems unbelievable to most people, but for whatever reason there are actually humans out there who think that chaining a dog up and keeping her in solitary confinement is a perfectly normal thing to do!

There are actually people out there who refuse to give dogs like Sarah in the video below the proper medical care and emotional love and support that every dog needs and deserves to live a good life.

Sarah was covered in flies, and her previous owner knew that she wanted to be loved and given a little pet. Nothing crazy, nothing too much to ask for, just a little pat on the head like nearly all dogs are used to. But Sarah’s owner refused because she was “too yucky!”

Thankfully, an amazing group of rescue workers came into the picture and took Sarah away from those miserable conditions. She was cleaned up and given a second chance at life.

Now, Sarah can experience what being a dog actually means. For too long, she was kept completely isolated and alone, but after a little bit of effort, she’s begun to show that she absolutely loves being in constant contact with humans. These animals are very social creatures, so to keep them away from any contact is the cruelest thing you can do!

Luckily, she’s doing great these days in her new forever home. And now she’ll feel nothing but love and respect for the rest of her days.

Warning: Some of the footage below may be difficult to watch, but Sarah is doing much better in her new home.

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