Abused, Mangy Puppy Being Swept Out With the Trash Is Rescued by Travelers

This comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which in addition to featuring fan-submitted rescue stories, offers a wide selection of clothing, décor, pet supplies, and other gifts.  For each purchase made, a food donation is made to shelter pets in need.


In Haiti, on our last day of teaching art in a church compound, we heard a dog screaming. Rushing around the corner we saw the janitor violently “sweeping” a puppy out with the trash across the pavement. A crowd of people were laughing and became even more entertained when we intervened.

As I knelt by the puppy, who was lying still with eyes open, I saw that he was starving, had little hair and what I thought was mange and a jewelry chain which had grown into his neck. We then saw that his back leg was broken and “vet” was found who only gave him a painkiller and wanted $400, we gave him $40 and he left. I cut the chain off the pup’s neck and he breathed in a deep gasp of air.

In the morning we found another vet who came and washed him, medicated him and taped up the broken leg. I went online and made contact with the International Humane Society who recommended we try to get him out of Haiti and helped us every step of the way. After a long ride to Port Au Prince we got him to a vet clinic where he stayed for three days.

The little guy was so happy to see us when we came to pick him up! The hotel was kind enough to let him stay in our room and we spent a week getting the required paperwork together and signed and bonding with this sweet little, cuddly, indomitable spirit we named Voodoo. He sat quietly in his carrier through two flights back with us to Colorado. He now runs in the mountains with his best bud Lalu the boxer and when people say, “he’s so lucky,” we say “no, we’re the lucky ones.”

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