Abused Pit Bull Gets Love For First Time!

This video will warm your heart and break it at the same time. This beautiful Pit Bull was rescued from a dog fighting ring and placed in a shelter. You can see the scars on his body. It is so sad. At least he is safe now.

A woman comes to visit the dog and his reaction is precious. You can see the tears in the dogs eyes as he tries to decide if he can trust this person. She speaks to him gently and softly as she encourages him to come to her hand. He is so tentative at first that it makes you sad to think of his past and what this sweet dog must have been through in his life before today.

Slowly the dog starts to wag his tail as her comforting voice begins to instill a little trust in him. He inches his way towards her hand and eventually accepts his first loving touch from a person. I want her to open the gate and reach in and hug him! He seems to be so in need of love. And surprisingly willing to accept it.


As she pats his head, his tail is in constant motion so happy to be treated humanely finally! He moans with joy and happiness just to have his head stroked. It is so touching to see a dog be so forgiving and will to trust.

I just wish she would take him home. I know he is safe and taken care of in the shelter, but he needs to be in a good home where he has a soft bed and lots of warm hugs. Maybe she does! He certainly loves her!


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