Abused Puppy Found Pinned To Railroad Tracks Is Finally Given The Life, And Leg, He Deserves

We have seen human amputees get prosthetic limbs after losing a limb. The devices can be life-changing. What about animals? Do they get a prosthetic limb after losing a leg? Well, yes some of them can! The man who has helped fit many animals with prosthetics is Derrick Campana.

Derrick uses plastic to make artificial limbs for animals like horses, dogs, elephants and even turtles! In this video, Hudson the pit bull gets help from Derrick. Hudson had been tied to train tracks and left for dead. Many of his rescuers didn’t think Hudson would survive after he was safe. He did survive, but Hudson had a hard time trusting humans again.


After being adopted, Hudson’s new dad wanted him to change how Hudson looked at all people. He made it his mission to give Hudson the best of everything and that included a new leg!

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