Abused Rescue Dog Experiences A Loving Home For The First Time On Camera

My heart always breaks when I see or hear about a case of animal neglect or cruelty. Our instinct, as dog lovers, is to want to scoop up all the abused pups in the world and shower them with love and comfort, reminding them that they are worthy of a full, happy life. Luckily, since I could probably only physically hold, like, 3 dogs max, there are entire organizations dedicated to doing just that! Their efforts help me sleep at night, seriously.

PETA fieldworkers first met Cora, a gorgeous black-and-white mixed dog, when she was just 6 months old. Chained outside all day and night, Cora was one of several dogs living under these conditions. Volunteers visited the pups often, providing fresh food, water and bedding, but were unable to obtain custody of them for several years.

Finally, in 2014, an unrelated incident reunited workers with sweet Cora. She was one of five dogs chained up, yet again, outside. The chain wrapped around her neck was so tight, it had become embedded in her skin. Finally, PETA had enough evidence to remove Cora permanently and get her the care and affection she needed. After several months in foster care, this smiley girl found her forever home! Check it out:

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