According To These Adorable Dogs, Bath Time Is A Very Emotional Experience

While lathering up her own pups, Australia-based pet photographer Serenah noticed what a big difference the suds made not just in their fluffy coats, but also in their adorable personalities. She was inspired to start a new project, titled Dry Dog Wet Dog, where she compares several dogs’ appearance and attitude before and after bath time.

Whether they love hopping into the tub with their rubber ducky, or they would rather hide under your bed for the rest of their life than set one paw in there, their sweet faces always give them away. The side-by-side portraits really capture just how emotional the whole ordeal is for each of these cuties.

Bone is just happy to finally be able to see.


Angelica wants to know what she did to deserve this injustice.


Simon says, “But I wasn’t even THAT dirty!”


Pippa is only just now realizing her head isn’t actually a circle.


Miss Mei Li looks a little deflated, but still fabulous.


Little G looks like he’s ready for more.


Hudson can’t believe he fell for your tricks again.


Henri will definitely be seeking his revenge.


Harry is ready for his blowout now, please.


Gizmo still has no idea what’s going on.


Garfunkel can’t find his mojo.


Daisy can’t even look at you right now.


Casper is just like whatever, man.


I think it’s safe to say you can put most of these pups in the “anti-bath” column. Stay tuned for more of Serenah’s adorable series on her Facebook and website.

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