Adoptable and Adorable Fran Needs a Strong Pack Leader to Take Charge in Her Life

Say hello to Fran, a sweet, pudgy girl interviewing for a forever family. She’s a 5-year-old Lab mix who, while petite in stature, is working on regaining her girlish figure. It’s hard when you love to eat, right? Other things she loves besides food and treats are walks, belly rubs, pets, and lots of loving from her special people.

Fran is house- and doggy-door trained and gets along well with other dogs, especially those that are calm and respectful. She’s not sure about cats, though, because she hasn’t seen one up close and personal yet. She walks very well on a leash, however, and is curious about new sounds without being reactive to them. A very smart girl, Fran knows some commands, too, such as sit, stay, shake, and come.

Yearning for a Forever Home

Extremely devoted to her humans, sometimes she’s so devoted to them that she feels the need to protect them from the outside world. If you are a confident leader, she will learn to share her love with you and trust your judgment. Fran prefers a peaceful existence because she can get nervous with too much noise and activity in her orbit.

She came to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue in central Arizona as a stray, so her foster advocate parents don’t know a lot about her past. Because of this, she really wants a family that can correct her when she becomes protective or help her calm down when she gets nervous, frightened, or unsure, in loud, high-stimulus situations.

Adoptable Dogs

Her foster advocates report that she learns quickly, especially when there are tempting treats involved in that learning curve. Fran does aim to please. They also report that while she’s shy and even sometimes fearful of new situations and people she doesn’t know, she warms up quickly, especially if people are patient, kind, and gentle with her.

Due to this, a family with a quiet, calm household without children would be best for her because kids move fast and are too active in her estimation. Another plus would be a family with a member that is going to be her pack leader, so she can abandon that role and take cues from someone else for a change.

If you are that person or family or know of someone who might be, please contact DLRR for more details or an adoption application today.

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