We Adopted A Dog From An Animal Shelter And She Became Our Daughter’s Best Friend

We adopted Lucy from a no-kill shelter in San Antonio when she was estimated to be about four months old. She had been found on the street, underweight, scared and battling parvovirus. Thanks to the amazing team at San Antonio Pet’s Alive, and because she is a tough girl, she pulled through.

The day we spotted her in her kennel, it was as if her and my daughter picked each other. As she became comfortable in our home, her wonderful personality came out. We quickly saw that she is the most playful, fun, and protective fur baby. She is a wonderful part of our family, and my daughter’s constant pal.

We never feel lonely in the mornings

Lucy is the world’s best cuddler

She is always by Mia’s side, and loves to play with her

Or nap next to her

They love to be silly together

Lucy loves to sample peanut butter biscuits

She is a great help when we need holes dug

She is not a fan of baths, but she loves the bubbles

She likes to steal the attention from Mia

But we don’t mind, because we love her so much

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