Adorable Baby Finds Dog Rolling Over Hilarious

What better way to brighten your day then watching a dog and an adorable baby together in the same video? What a great way to put a smile on your face! This adorable baby can’t contain his laughter as he watches his family dog roll around in the ground outside. It looks like this dog loves to make this baby laugh, I think it is trying to put on a show, how cute is this? If this dogs goal was to make the baby laugh, it is definitely working! The baby can’t take his eyes off of the dog, these two are so precious, their bond will only get stronger as time goes on.

When the family dog is finally done putting on its show, the babies reaction changes completely, where is his buddy going? He wants to keep watching his dog! I think the dog needs a break from rolling on the grass but i’m sure they will be back soon to give this baby another good laugh. The baby has been laughing so much, he even starts to cough after the show is over. Time to take a break!

These two are so adorable!

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