Adorable Dachshunds Play Hockey Like The Pros!

Spring is almost here. But there may still be some snow around. But before Spring comes, we found out that a lot of dog owners have made the most out of all the snow that fell. We saw that amazing snow maze that one dog owner built for his dog. And there’s even that guy who went snow sledding in the streets with his Huskies!

Now here’s an adorable video of dogs and their human having fun in the snow! They’re playing hockey! He made a small tunnel as a goal, and the cute Dachshunds can crawl through it to get the ball! At first you’ll see one Dachshund playing, but in 25 seconds, another one joins in! And these cuties are definitely having a blast! I gotta say, they’re doing a great job fetching the ball! Watch the adorable video below!Spaghetti,Eating ,Competition, Golden ,Retriever vs, German Shepherd

Now wasn’t that adorable?! It definitely made me smile today!

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