This Adorable Dog Thinks He’s A Meerkat

One of the reasons why we love our dogs so much is because they make us laugh. Their silly antics and their goofy faces always bring smiles and laughter in our lives.

Now this one silly dog has caught our attention! He made us laugh and smile with the way he sits!


Yup, that’s how Dante sits. Even when he’s at the dinner table, he sits like a human, and well, it makes him look like a Meerkat.


And I gotta say, this sitting position of his works really well when he’s begging for treats!


Dante is one huge goofball even when he’s not in Meerkat position.


And he’s got one of the silliest, goofiest smiles!


How can anyone resist this face?


Watch the short video below and see how adorable this goofball is!



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