This Adorable French Bulldog Loves To Be Tickled More Than Any Human I Know

I don’t know about you, but I hate being tickled. It’s more terrifying than fun, seeing as it’s almost impossible to catch your breath, and the tickler just doesn’t understand that this is the worst thing that could be happening. Even though you feel close to death, your brain still makes you laugh.

This cute little French Bulldog, on the other hand, LOVES to be tickled. It seems like it might just be his favorite thing in the entire world, judging by his reaction.

[youtube id=”3Jn953eeeFg”]

I think the answer to, “Are you ticklish?” is, “YES YES YES PLEASE MORE TICKLES. LOVES IT.” Is your pup ticklish? give it a try and see if this could be his new favorite thing. Maybe then you can cut down on those treats! Just kidding, your pooch will always prefer treats to tickling – unless your dog is this little guy.

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