Adorable Great Dane Tells Mom Not to Take Away His Teddy Bear

This Great Dane loves his teddy bear so much! Maco the Great Dane is playing with his teddy bear but when he begins to chew on his plush toy his mom tells him to stop or she might have to take it away. After all, she wants Maco to continue to enjoy his toy without destroying it.

But Maco doesn’t like that idea and lets her know it. Maco grumbles to her he’s not done playing with his favorite toy yet. Thinking mom might even take it away, he adorably folds his paws around Teddy to keep it close.

Some people who have watched this video have misconstrued Maco’s behavior as possessiveness and guarding aggression, but Maco’s mom reassures everyone that he is a “gentle giant who has never shown any glimpse of aggression…My dog Maco was the friendliest dog ever and very gentle with kids.”

So it seems that Maco is more of a grumbler than a growler. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a video of a Great Dane complaining vocally to his/her human. There’s the video of Sirius who gets upset with mom and dad when they joke with him about his diner plans. And then there’s Dinky the Great Dane who gets jealous when his brother Romeo gets petted by dad instead of him. And finally there’s persistent Henry the Great Dane who isn’t too happy to see dad in his bed.

This group of dogs – Maco included – certainly appear to be a talkative bunch. Do you know a Great Dane who’s a talker?

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