Adorable Monkey and Sweet Pit Bull Are Best Friends! And It’s ADORABLE!

Who doesn’t love seeing an interspecies friendship?! Nothing’s cuter than a kitty and a dog becoming BFFs. Or maybe a puppy and a pig! But the video on the next page? Next level cuteness!


Apparently the very lucky owners of the Pit Bull and Capuchin monkey duo say these two fur babies are the best of friends. Can you even imagine?

The pup’s name is Mac and the monkey’s name is MonkeyBoo – I’m so very jealous of this household, aren’t you? I can just picture the constant entertainment that’s happening under that roof.

When these two get together you can just sense the love through your screen. The monkey CLEARLY is enamored with his Pittie friend and shows it in the most adorable way!

Continue to the next page to see these cutie pies in action. You HAVE to see what MonkeyBoo does just a few seconds into the video!

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