Adorable Newfoundland Dog Isn’t Too Happy When It Comes To Brushing His Fur

Not all of us like brushing our hair, it can be annoying and time consuming! When it’s really tangled, it can hurt a lot too. That’s what this Newfoundland dog Sebastian is thinking. Why does he have to brush his hair and look nice? It’s just not fair! Even if he doesn’t approve, he is still going to go through with it, such a good dog! If his owner tells him to do something, he will do it! Sebastian continues to grumble but keeps his sweet demeanor. He isn’t going to fight back. As his owner continues to brush him, he stays in one spot and lets her get the job done. After she is done, they give each other the biggest hug, so cute! These two love each other so much!

Newfoundland dogs are a large and strong dog breed. They are very capable and hard working dogs. They are also very sweet natured, which you can tell from this video. They are so loveable! They are extremely friendly dogs and love to hang out with everyone they love. They are so affectionate when it comes to their family and are so great around kids! They are also very good swimmers! Time to go swimming with your dog! Newfoundland dogs are such great companions, so awesome!

Check out this adorable video of a sweet, but grumpy Newfoundland dog get his fur brushed, too funny!

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