Adorable Newfoundland Puppy Really Hates When Mom Turns On The Dryer

Newfoundland pups might be some of the most adorable doggies out there. They’re so big and fluffy, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to hug them.

This pup, named Samson, is just about as cute as a Newfoundland gets! He’s a perfect example of their sweet personalities and bouncy behavior. From the second I saw him, I wanted to snuggle him up close.

A few days earlier, his mom found out that Samson was not only adorable, but also very smart! When she turned on the dryer, most likely to dry off all of his fluff after a nice bath, he didn’t seem to like it very much. Instead of withstanding the annoying noise and weird gusts of air, he took matters into his own hands… or paws, rather.

When his she turns on the dryer again with the camera rolling, Samson does the same thing again. After nipping at the air for a moment, he goes right ahead and flips the off switch to end the dryer madness. What a smart puppy!

The next time, though, Samson takes another approach to defeating the dryer. I can’t decide which of his tactics is cuter — the logical way of simply flipping the switch, or the second attempt when he tries to eat up all the air coming out of the hose!

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