Adorable Photos Of Cats Before And After Growing Up

Kittens are the sweetest thing on the planet. Unfortunately, some people overvalue kittens— and as a result, it makes full-grown cats much less appreciated. Cats, like children, seem to carry their unique faces with them as they age. Even though they may be a bit bigger, they still have those adorable expressions, furry coats, and smart eyes. To show people everywhere that cats ARE just as cute as kittens, we’ve collected a few before-and-after cat shots so you can compare for yourself!

Not sure how it’s possible, but Smoothie’s even cuter as an adult.

Coby still has the exact same sweet, blue eyes.

Some things don’t change.

All grown up and still begging for treats.

An adorable grumpy kitten makes for… an adorable grumpy cat!

Gorgeous pair of siblings.

Little Izzy still wears her heart on her chest.

Hamilton has gotten even more refined in his old age.

Looks like his personality has remained intact!

Gimo still has the same cute face!

Doesn’t grown-up Niko look dashing?

Bum is full-grown and just as cute as ever!

Some friendships are for life.

Bowtie seems to fit a bit better, but that’s the bigest change I see!

Maybe the computer just got smaller…

Margot— One year later and still on her board.

This kitty just got grumpier.

Best buds for life.

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