Adorable Sleepy Dog Dozes Right Off Whenever Mom Sings Her This Special Song

Have you ever known someone who is afraid of dogs? It is hard to imagine there are people out here who have never known the love of a dog. One woman spent her whole life afraid of dogs – that is until she met Tia, a Staffordshire bull terrier. She met Tia as a puppy and couldn’t help but fall madly in love!

When Tia was a puppy, her owner warmed up to her slowly by singing her songs and lullabies. Tia is now all grown up and is a part of the family! Every so often, Tia will still get a song from her owner! The dog’s reaction to the song is really precious. You won’t believe how cute Tia is when she hears the song!

Take a look at this video

If only we could get children to fall asleep this quickly with just a song! Sweet dreams Tia! Share away, people!

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