Adventurers Save Puppy Stranded In The Desert, Takes Him On Epic Road Trip!

This is going to be one of the cutest stories you will see all week. National Geographic’s Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold loves adventures and do not mind suffering along the way.

In their latest adventure, Sufferfest 2, the duo biked 800 miles and 45 mountains in the American Southwest. Along the way, they came across a puppy hiding in a tire in the middle of the desert.

They named the puppy Sufferpup, after the name of their adventure Sufferfest. Cedar and Alex were baffled how anyone could abandon suffer pup like this. He was the most adorable dog they have ever seen.

The duo fell in love at first with Sufferpup. They rescued him and decided to take him with them on their epic adventure.

Go to the next page to see the heartwarming account of the duo of how they met their team mascot. He boosted their morale when no one else could.

All is well in the world. Sufferpup was adopted by another family but Cedar and Alex still visits him from time to time!

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