Advocates pleaded for bonded seniors to be adopted together, but now Missy is alone

On October 22, two senior German shepherds were taken in at the Los Angeles Animal Services – West Valley Shelter in California. The dogs were deeply bonded to one another and shelter dog advocates pleaded for them to be adopted together.

Unfortunately, these friends are now forever separated. On Wednesday, the Facebook page Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter, broke the news to followers:

 We are deeply saddened to share that Scout was adopted and Missy was left behind. Despite multiple staff advising the adopter about their bond, it fell on deaf ears. The shelter couldn’t refuse the adoption so they had to let Scout be adopted. Missy is now by herself. Please help network her.

The story

Missy and her friend were brought to the busy animal shelter by their owner, who could no longer care for them. The initial information posted about the pair reveals their bond:

Missy and Scout are deeply bonded. They’re joined at the hip and they look for one another if one isn’t around. Watching them play is simply magical and mesmerizing, it’s as if they’re doing synchronized swimming, they’re effortlessly graceful. They’re both friendly, sweet and super affectionate. 

Saving Missy

First Missy lost her home, and her people – now she has lost her best friend. Please help network her adoption information before she loses her life.

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:

Los Angeles Animal Services – West Valley Shelter at (888) 452-7381

Ask for information about animal ID number A1380114

Click here to donate to this organization

Facebook thread to video of Missy and Scout here.

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