After 17 Hours In A Crate, A Neglected Dog Is About To Meet Her New Family

In Thailand, dogs who do not have homes end up on the streets, in the shelter, or in the meat market trade. But for Kanya and nine other dogs, they were about to run into some good luck. The day some Good Samaritans rescued them was the beginning of their new lives.

Through generous donations from K9 Aid and LIFE Animal Rescue, the dogs boarded a plane for a 17-hour flight to the United States. The story documents Kanya’s journey as she arrives in Los Angeles, California, unaware that she’s about to be adopted.

They finally open her crate, and she steps out unsure of what’s going on. But the long trip would soon prove to be worth it when she meets her new family! From a street dog in Thailand to having a loving forever home in the United States, this is what rescues are all about. 🙂

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