After 2 years in boarding, bonded dogs may have to go to the pound

After a devoted dog parent lost his home two years ago, he put his beloved dogs into boarding…a the cost of over $1200 per month. But now his funds have run out and he is face with the prospect of having to take his pups to the pound.

An advocate for the dogs recounted the dogs’ history:

He rescued both of them from public shelters, Doogie, the male, had a rope embedded in his neck and Lily was terrified of everything. They were his constant companions and it would be an absolute tragedy if these dogs have to go back into the shelter!


Doogie and Lily would like to stay together but they would be ok separated if that’s what it takes to save their lives!

And provided information about their personality:

Doogie is about 7 years old, a TOTAL love with people! I fell in love with him at first sight. He’s a pretty calm dog but super sensitive. Lily, 4 years old, is a shy girl, it takes her a little while to get comfortable but she’s very silly. She loves to play. Doogie likes Lily but it would probably take him some time to get used to another dog. Lily used to go to doggie daycare before the owner lost his home. Both are housetrained. No cats please. Both are fixed, UTD on shots and chipped.

Can you help?

Questions or offers to assist (foster? Adopt? Donate?) can be directed to:

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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