After 6 Years On The Streets & 4 Years In The Shelter, Dog Does Happy Dance When Adopted

Dreadlock the dog was used to living on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, and even enjoyed his life of roving and visiting with shopkeepers and dog lovers in his neighborhood. The acquaintances he made during his street years cared for Dreadlock and always made sure this jovial pup had good eats and lots of affection. But poor Dreadlock had skin issues. And as he aged, the heat and humidity of Thailand aggravated his skin into a nightmare of irritation, tangles, and matted fur.

The locals who loved Dreadlock knew he needed more help than they could give, so they contacted Soi Dog Foundation to get this good boy some relief from his painful skin. And Dreadlock liked the place so much he stayed at the rescue for years. But then, he made a big move to find his forever.

Goodbye Painful Skin, Hello Good Care

Dreadlock earned his name upon arrival at Soi Dog because, as he explained on Facebook, “My coat was so matted & dirty when I arrived at Soi Dog…it looked like dreadlocks.”

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He went on to share that he had more than his fair share of skin problems, lacked fur, and also walked with a limp because he had bone issues. But for all that, Dreadlock said, “The vets here keep me as healthy as they can and I get regular meals which I LOVE!”

“My carers also give me a bath once a week, so I look much more handsome now & more people care about me than ever before. I even get taken for walks!”

A Long Stay

Dreadlock would call the Soi Dog shelter home for four years. But he didn’t seem to mind, sharing, “I live in the run with older dogs and I enjoy the daily visits by the volunteers. I do go out for walks every now and then, but I don’t go far.”

Really, he’s just an old pup who finds joy in “watching the world go by.”

And when Susan in the United Kingdom saw Dreadlock available for adoption, she must have felt they could enjoy such a pastime together because she soon adopted the then ten-year-old dog. But what would Dreadlock think of the news?

Upon hearing he was to be adopted, Dreadlock broke into a happy dance!

Still That Happy

Settled in with new mom Susan, Dreadlock is still the happiest of dogs and enjoys walks in the wind.

He’s also happy that once he’s done strolling the streets of the UK with his family, he gets to return to the security and joy of his forever home. Handsome Dreadlock will always battle skin issues and fur loss, but he’s living his best life! His story reminds us, Not All Rescue Dogs Make Remarkable Transformations – And That’s OK!

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