After ‘764-Days Apart’, Dad Wonders If Missing Senior-Dog Would Recognize Him Again

Bosco the Beagle-mix was 9 years old when he went missing from his home in Westerly, Rhode Island. It seems that Bosco had managed to slip out of his collar while exploring the neighborhood, but he eventually lost his way back home.

Bill Ballato, a disabled veteran who lost his Bosco after he was hit by a car in San Antonio, months of searching for him through missing posters and personal inquiries having failed to result in any sightings. When Bill had to relocate to Lafayette, Colorado, he feared that he would never see his dog again.

Some Rhode Island residents recognized Bosco from the missing posters after nearly two years had passed since his initial disappearance. Bosco was living on the streets, but he had become very skittish of people.

Sheilah Graham, a Department of Homeland Security employee who frequently serves as a “pet detective,” was contacted by locals regarding Bosco. Bill was informed and provided more information on Bosco. She successfully snared Bosco with a trap containing all of his favorite foods shortly thereafter!

Sheilah knew that Bill’s inability to travel made it impossible for him to get Bosco. As a seasoned dog-like Bosco wouldn’t be allowed on planes, Sheilah happily offered to drive 2000 miles in 36 hours to bring Bosco back and reconnect them. The thoughtful lady drove through two snowstorms over the course of her self-funded journey, ensuring that Bosco was well cared for.

However, when Bill’s senior dog finally spotted him after 764 days, he was flummoxed. The poor dad was concerned that his old buddy wouldn’t recognize him anymore. But when Bill had the bravery to call out “Dude,” Bosco realized that he was back in the arms of his beloved father.

Bosco was overjoyed to see his old toys and puppy brother again! We’d like to thank Sheilah for making this reunion a reality! This is one of the most touching reunions we’ve ever seen. You’ll love watching them reunite in the video below – ENJOY!

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