After All Else Failed, They Tried Acupuncture To Help This Paralyzed Puppy. You won’t believe what happened!

We doglovers would do anything to help our dogs. Even if it costs us a lot of money, we’d do whatever we can to make our dogs’ lives comfortable and pain-free. So when they get sick, we make sure they get all the medical assistance they need.

So when a paralyzed little puppy named Rumple first came to Asheville Humane Society, they did everything they can to help him. Rumple couldn’t use his back legs and he had no control over his bodily functions. But they knew Rumple deserved a chance. X-rays show that Rumple has an injury in his spine. They gave him medications to reduce the inflammation and pain. But what’s amazing is that when they tried acupuncture on him, his tiny toe began to twitch! Watch the video below for the full story!

Great job, guys! Rumple has made amazing progress!

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