After Being Rescued From An Awful Puppy Mill, This Dog Gets Snuggled For The First Time

Rescue dogs always seem to have a larger sense of appreciation for the kind humans they encounter. No animal should ever endure the unfair treatment so many do, but stories like this give us hope that despite what they’ve been through, these pups are still excited to live life to the fullest.

Noisette was one of 132 dogs rescued from a breeder facility in North Virginia last summer. The conditions were awful, and Noisette was, expectedly, very traumatized. She was slow to warm up to her foster parents, Anne and Chris Wuhrer.

About a week after settling in, though, something amazing happened. This sweet little dog, who had never been socialized prior to being rescued from the puppy mill, indulged in her very first snuggle! As her foster dad lay patiently on the floor, giving her time to work up the courage, Noisette evaluated the situation and eventually plopped down on his back for a sweet little cuddle session.

So sweet! Watch brave little Noisette in the clip below:

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