After Courageously Trying To Save Her Owner From A Fire , This Brave Boxer Was Fighting For Her Life.

Earlier this month, news spread about an Ohio dog named Carmen who, after courageously trying to save her owner during a fatal house fire, was on a ventilator, fighting for her own life.

Sadly, despite this heroic pup’s efforts, Carmen’s beloved human did not survive the fire. Authorities found her covering his face in an attempt to block smoke from entering his lungs. In turn, she suffered severe internal injuries and was promptly rushed to the vet, where the staff believed she only had a 50% chance of surviving the tragic incident.

But now, finally, some good news has surfaced from this horrific situation. Over $30,000 was raised to help pay for this sweet nine-year-old boxer’s care, and she has officially recovered enough to go home with her human uncle after being pulled from the flames that took her best friend away.

The video is so bittersweet – precious Carmen is clearly excited to see some familiar faces, but ultimately this homecoming is going to be extremely difficult for everyone involved.

So moving. It’s amazing to think this is the same dog who was barely hanging on to life just a couple of weeks ago. Such a sweet, loving girl despite everything she’s been through. So inspiring – we’re wishing Carmen and her human family the very best as they navigate this tough time.

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