After His Girlfriend Told Him The Dog Had To Go, This Man Put An Interesting Ad On Craigslist…

Sometimes in life, it’s hard for everyone to get along. If you met the perfect person, would you be willing to let go of an animal that you loved dearly just to be with them? Or, better yet, would you suddenly realize that this is not the person for you? Especially if they made you choose between them and something you love–that something that would be lost without you? Posted anonymously, although we are sure by now that Molly’s “wicked” stepmother is well-aware, this man posted a rather interesting ad on Craigslist after he was forced to do the unthinkable–decide between his woman or his dog:


Pretty funny, wasn’t it? If dogs could talk do you think they would ever make you decide? Probably not! And by the look on Molly’s sweet face, how could you not love her to pieces?? She’s just so cute!!

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  1. monica

    Yes I believe it she should go his girlfriend I cannot believe that his girlfriend don’t like cute dog she is crazy.Your beautiful dog is your best friend all they need love from there owner.

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