After his owner passed relatives pushed him out into the backyard and forgot he was there

Here’s a poor dog whose life has been turned upside down and inside out in the Los Angeles area. One can only imagine the heartbreak he felt when his human died, and then there was more. His canine companion had been thrown out with him into the backyard full of overgrown weeds; only his pal had been left unsupervised and later that day choked to death on his chain that became tangled.

So there he was – left alone, and then he would cry; he was hungry and thirsty. The relatives still living in the house, after his owner died yelled at him to stop howling, yet they never offered him any food or water.

Maybe luck does play a role in survival of the loneliest and those needing help? A neighbor noticed him and quietly went over to the overgrown back yard and left him food. She called out on social media for help.

Good afternoon. I need help for this little one. My neighbor passed away and the people in the house are not taking care of this pup. He is so skinny now. I’ve been feeding him but he needs to be in a better environment. He is left outside day and night. My heart breaks for him. Any help, suggestions are appreciated.

It was Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29, who answered the plea for help; her heart broke just looking at him. He was scared of everything and would run away and hide and leap into the weeds the moment someone just came into his view.

The relatives agreed to surrender the dog, and plans were made to capture the tiny lost soul.

The women set a humane trap and could only wonder what this poor dog must have been feeling after losing everything in his life – his owner, his canine pal and even his home.

i know his mama in Heaven did not want this done to him. Well, sweet baby, we will heal your broken heart. we will show you the love you once knew. we are so sorry for all your sad nights. You have been rescued.

More to come. Rescued in loving memory of my angel

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Rescued in loving memory of my angel

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