After losing a friend, Duck comforts the grieving dog

One of the most difficult things that any of us has to go through in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. We all face this type of situation in our own way but for the most part, we also need the same thing, the kindness of others.

This kindness does not need to be shown by a family member or a close friend. There are times when even a kind word or expression from a stranger can make the difference between us grieving endlessly or feeling just a little better.

Nobody knows this better than George, a dog who had recently lost his best friend, Blackie. They had lived together with their human parent, Jacquie Litton, for 12 years, but then Blackie died and left George behind.

Litton took to Facebook and described how devastated and depressed George had become. She referred to him as being “heartbroken” and said that he was grieving with anxiety to the point where he almost died twice himself.

I think that many of us understand how difficult it can be to face such a situation. When George was at his lowest point, however, help came in a most unexpected way.

According to Inside Edition, Litton described it in this way: “We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time.”

I’ll agree with Litton that it is strange to have a duck appear at your house and attach itself to your dog. Considering the fact that it also happened on the anniversary week of Blackie’s death, it is doubly puzzling.

Now that the duck has decided to hang out for a while, the family has named him Donald. This loving duck sticks close by George’s side, being comfortable enough that he even rests his bill on George’s legs.

In speaking with a local news station, Litton said that you can hear Donald quacking as they walk along together. It’s almost as if they were having a conversation with each other!

George is also a very giving animal and has given up his own bed for Donald to be comfortable.

Litton says: “I must say this Duck has found the Golden Egg because anyone who knows me knows this is one ‘Lucky Duck’. I will take the best of care of him… hoping that he stays around.”

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