After nearly 4 years, homeless shelter dog critically in need of help

After nearly four years, a homeless shelter dog in West Virginia is critically in need of help. Mason, an American Staffordshire mix, has been in the care of the Humane Society of Raleigh County for years – his time without a real home, and family, has taken a toll on his emotional health.

Shawna, a shelter board member of the no kill animal shelter, explained to the Pet Rescue Report just how much the stress of being sheltered had impacted this homeless dog:

Two years ago we noticed Mason was shutting down and has lost most of his weight he would no longer look at us. We then consider euthanasia for him. I went to set with Mason and explained why we thinking we where hurting him and not helping him then Mason look at me first time in a very long time and we knew then he was not willing to give up on us if we where willing not to give up on him. So we made the decision to have the local vet put him on some anti anxiety medication and we moved him out of the general population to a room and kennel to himself.

A trainer agreed to come and work with Mason and after awhile, a foster home was found and the anxiety medication was stopped – but troubled times are at hand once again. Mason’s foster dad is leaving the state soon and it appears that Mason will have to go back to a kennel run at the animal shelter. Shawna fears that the emotional toll of losing his home will be devastating.

Mason desperately needs to find a new person to spend his life with – according to shelter staff, he adores people and he seems to have a special fondness for children. The one drawback that trips up so many shelter dogs…he should be the only pet in the household.

Please take a moment to network Mason’s adoption information – somewhere out there is the right person who can make this boy’s life complete.

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