After over 2 weeks, elderly puppy mill survivor found tangled in the woods

Over two weeks after an elderly puppy mill survivor bolted from her new foster family’s home and disappeared, an amazing discovery was made in a snowy thicket of trees. The dog, a St. Bernard dubbed “Old Lady,” had escaped from her foster home on Friday, January 4.

The skittish dog bolted after being spooked. Azure Davis, who heads up Ruff Start Rescue, told Fox 9 News, “She got out of the car to go into her foster’s home and right at that time, as she got out, the noise from the crunching snow freaked her out and it scared her and she started running down the driveway.”

Somehow, despite frigid weather and Old Lady’s advanced age, the wayward dog survived. The rescue group wrote:

She has been out enduring this freezing cold weather (and just recently shaved!). The foster has been out doing everything she can to help find her. This is one strong and quick dog, especially for her senior age.

We have had search parties, signs, phone calls, and so many people out looking for this poor girl. We only have several sightings in the 2.5 weeks. We remained hopeful. We hadn’t had a sighting since this past Friday and the frigid temps the past few days have had us all distraught and up at night thinking about her.

The discovery

Old Lady’s leash had gotten tangled in the trees and she was trapped – the rescue agency recounted the rescue mission:

Julie Lessard and I (Azure Davis) were able to get close enough, get double slip leads on, and then Julie had to cut the leash out of the trees to get her unstuck. She was SO cold and shivering. We think she has been tied up here since Friday. 🙁 We have had the assistance from the amazing organization The Retrievers and we cannot thank them enough for all of their dedication to this case.

Time out in the cold took its toll on the senior dog, but she is now safe and warm and receiving the veterinary care that she needs.

Old Lady’s survival is a miracle – better days are ahead!

(Image via Ruff Start Rescue Facebook page)

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