After Thinking Their Dog Was Dead, He’s Driven 3,000 Miles To Be Reunited With His Family

When a loving family brings home a dog to be a part of their life, bonds form almost instantly. You love the sound of walking in the door to hear those happy feet trot across the room, and the sight of a wagging tail that’s always happy to see you. Back in 2012, Zeus’ family received heartbreaking news that their pup had passed away while they were stationed overseas in the military. But just recently, the family received a shocking phone call. Zeus was alive!! He had been discovered living in the woods near their old home in North Carolina. The only issue was that the family now lives in Washington State… 3,000 miles away.

This is when Banfield Animal Hospital of North Carolina found a way for Zeus to be reunited with his family, with the help of the campaign they started on his behalf, #getzeushome. Because sweet Zeus tested positive for heart worms, he was not able to fly. This is when one very special employee offered to make a cross-country trip to reunite Zeus with the family that was dying to see him again. Watch and see their joyful reunion!

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