After This Famous Singer’s Dog Passed, He Felt He Had To Do This… Grab A Tissue

Famous singer/songwriter Robbie Williams is feeling sad and blue lately because his beloved dog and constant companion Spencer sadly passed away, a few days ago. Spencer would always travel with Robbie and in fact, is quite well known to his fans. He often poses and have his photo taken with them.

I think the loss of his dog has hit Robbie hard. You can feel his love, hard work and labor in making the video personally. The grief that he feels in losing Spencer is one that all dog lovers who have lost a beloved pet can relate to and a good reminder for us to treasure each moment spent with them. For our beloved dogs, it should be quality and quantity time.

This video reminds me of something I recently read about. Do you know why our pets have such a short life span? One little boy said that humans are put on Earth to learn how to be good, and to live a good life. To love everyone, and do good things. But pets already know how to do that, so they don’t have to be here as long. That certainly works for me.

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