After volunteer drove lost pup 1400 miles home, owner said she didn’t want her

After a volunteer drove a lost (or perhaps stolen) pup 1400 miles back home, her owner decided that she didn’t want her. The heartbreaking failed reunion happened to Blue, a pit bull pup who somehow wound up in Michigan….far, far away from her home in Florida.

The woman who tried to get Blue back to her owner told the Detroit Free Press,

“She gave up the dog, after I drove more than 1,400 miles. The only thing she said was she doesn’t have time to train the dog, she doesn’t have time for the dog.”

On Monday, the Humane Society of Midland County alerted Facebook fans that the pup was coming back to Michigan:

We are sad to announce (although you may have already heard) that Blue did not make it home. Through no fault of anyone Blue is now headed back to Michigan where we will find her forever home.

Due to changing circumstances her family was unable to keep her and we’d like to respect their reasons and their privacy.


No one could have predicted this unfortunate turn of events but we can now only focus on what is most important which is finding Blue a forever home.

The animal shelter has asked that no negative comments be posted – instead, just a focus on getting Blue adopted to a loving, forever home.

On Tuesday, the shelter stated that applications to adopt Blue have already been received:

We have received several applications from families interested in adopting Blue. As per our policy we are honoring the applications in the order we receive them (if approved of course). The first approved applicant will be meeting her today.

Best of luck Blue!

Find the animal shelter on Facebook here.

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